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Thank you, Dallas: Vistaar’s PPS 2018 Recap | Pricing Matters

Many thanks to those who joined Vistaar at the PPS Fall conference in Dallas. There were many interesting pricing topics discussed, with lots of opportunities to socialize. We took note of the topics that surfaced most frequently:

  • Using real-world examples of AI in B2B & B2C pricing;
  • How to use various solutions to capitalize on the power of AI;
  • Best practices for driving performance and customer behavior with pricing and rebates; and
  • How to engage your organization around building the right pricing culture and capturing buy-in.

Vistaar enjoyed the dialogue, and we look forward to additional conversations sometime soon. We will keep the above topics in mind for further exploration in upcoming Pricing Matters posts.

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Thank you, Dallas: Vistaar’s PPS 2018 Recap.

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