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The Benefits of Posting My Prices for On-Location Corporate Headshots | PetaPixel

Posting my rates was beneficial for several reasons, and I wanted to share my experience. It was helpful in raising my rates and having confidence in my rates.

It Established My Rates in My Mind
It can be a little bit of a leap to post your on-location rates for corporate headshots. It’s intimidating. Other photographers, potential clients, and past clients could see. Everyone could see.

Posting my rates made me set my prices for my ideal clients. And my ideal corporate clients really value headshot photography. I needed to price for the companies who cared about their brands and wanted the best headshots available.

It also forced me to really think carefully about my rates, to pick them, and stick to them. For example, I decided that I was going to have a two-fee structure with four tiers based on the volume of the gig. As the complexity of the day increases with more people, my flat rates for travel and setup increase for each group size: 5-10, 11-20, 21-30, and 31-50. My charge per person decreases with larger groups to give them a net volume discount.

I initially set my prices fairly high for me, for a number of reasons. It was a little bit of a stretch for me at the time, but I thought (and think) my service, the experience, and the results justified (and justify) the price.

But once I clicked ‘publish’ on my site, I was committed. No more waffling while on the phone talking to someone, constantly fighting the urge to do it for less, sometimes much less, to get the job. No bouncing around between different pricing structures on the fly. I had my standard pricing and structure locked in.

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The Benefits of Posting My Prices for On-Location Corporate Headshots.

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