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The Cosmopolitan Increases Resort Fee, Offers Guests Free Parking | Casino.org

The backlash against Las Vegas Strip casinos for sneaky charges written in fine print has reached a breaking point, at least for one resort. Effective January 1, The Cosmopolitan will include parking among the services covered under its resort fee — a move that will increase the property’s resort fee from $35 to $39.

Guests who aren’t physically active or attempting to communicate with others using archaic methods of yesteryear don’t benefit from the daily $35 resort fee that the resort currently charges.

According to The Cosmopolitan’s website, guests are charged the resort fee in exchange for access to “everyday essentials.” Those essentials are listed as access to the fitness center and tennis courts on the property as well as the privilege to make “unlimited local, toll-free and domestic long distance phone calls,” from the room.

The $4 increase to $39 that will take effect on January 1 will increase the costs of parking, which currently costs guests up to an additional $18 daily on top of the resort fee.

It’s a small gesture – one that will still leave plenty of patrons wondering why they paid $39 every night of their stay for services they never intended to use – but a sign nonetheless that Strip casinos are listening to public complaints that Las Vegas is pricing visitors out with petty charges attached to every bill.

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The Cosmopolitan Increases Resort Fee, Offers Guests Free Parking.

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