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The Customer Acquisition Pricing Parade | David Perell

Today, many of the biggest direct to consumer (DTC) and digitally native vertical brands (DNVBs) battle for the same affluent urban Millennials. Silicon Valley marches to the beat of three words: Growth. Growth. Growth.

Billion dollar brands such as Jet.com, Bonobos, and Dollar Shave Club pioneered today’s venture-backed brand-building trifecta: hyper-growth, quality product, and customer data. Fueled by the scale of Facebook and Google, these brands have instant global reach.

Flushed with scale-hungry investors and oceans of venture money, DNVBs go to war for the same customers on the same platforms (such as Facebook and Google). Customer acquisition costs soar as they fight for limited advertising space. As companies grow, so do costs of acquiring each additional customer.

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The Customer Acquisition Pricing Parade — David Perell.

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