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The ‘green’ consumer has moved from fringe to mainstream, says Fair Trade USA | Confectionery News

Be clean, be green – and give back
Premium chocolate has snagged an outsized role in recent years, as consumers show an increasing willingness to pay more for higher quality products – especially from producers that highlight their commitment to communities and sustainability.

Clean-label chocolate in particular, which boasts simple ingredient lists free from artificial flavors or preservatives, has grown at a rate three times faster than the core category.

According to IRI, chocolate as a whole grew 2.3% from 2017 to 2018, and in the past year chocolate landed in three of the firm’s top-five in-demand flavors. The National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) has also seen a rise in demand for premium chocolate.

While millennials might seem to be the most vocal advocates of such purchase decisions, Banks noted that Gen-Xers are spending more dollars in these categories. Gen-Z, or those currently ages 13 to 25, are ‘even more committed’ to putting their dollars toward value-oriented brands.

To resonate with these consumers, Banks encouraged brands to pursue a four-tenet philosophy anchored by trust, which originate from what she described as ‘value alignment.’

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The ‘green’ consumer has moved from fringe to mainstream, says Fair Trade USA.

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