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About pricing your home. And I really wanna talk to you about. The guidelines. Around it and I think it’s important right now in this season. When your getting ready to Lister home which you should because you don’t have a lot of competition right now and remember every showing that you have during this time. There’s a reason why somebody’s look at they’re not looking for five so don’t think you got to wait till the spring to settle. But. It’s important for us to talk about watt. Some of those pricing parameters might be but first. Let’s talk about what they are not. All right. In pricing your home. It is not. What you oh or what you need to pay off your home. Certainly that may be some thing to evaluate what your looking at how to price it. But setting that price should not be dependent on. What you oh or what you need to pay it off there are market conditions there. That you need to consider. When doing that. All right next. It’s not. What you invested in the property so pricing your home. Is not just. What you invested in it or what you have been it. That is not a how to set the price for the home again if you’re in a situation where you have paid it often EU have I’m not paid off I mean. You’ve not paid it off. But you need a certain number to pay it off and it doesn’t work. Wait. Don’t sell right now may be needle Lisa. Some options there but also. Just because you spent 30000 dollars in your kitchen Tawny thousand dollars on the force 5000 dollars on paint. 171000. Dollars on your outdoor grill and your set up. Does eighteen you asked bat to the price to come up with a price. He just doesn’t work that way again its market driven all right. Here also is what pricing is not as well it is not that tax value.

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