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The Hidden Sales Obstacle of “How Much?” | Process Specialist

Have you ever had a sales conversation that began with “How much is….(fill in the blank)?  Many seasoned sales professionals recognize this sales obstacle.  Usually this questions suggests a tire kicker or someone who buys on price only while expecting the best quality, the best delivery, the best value for his or her money.

Beyond the obvious sales obstacle, there is a hidden one within this question.  This hidden barrier surfaced yesterday during a master mind question posed within the South Shore Business Networking Group. One of the members suggested lowering the price was situational especially if the business was having a cash flow problem or worse yet lagging sales.

My response was “Shame of the small business owner for not knowing his or her sales data.”  Desperation is in many instances because the SMB owner or sales professional failed to invest the time to plan, to review the market and to make those necessary course adjustments.  Unfortunately reducing the price becomes the quick fix solution.

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The Hidden Sales Obstacle of “How Much?”.