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Readers also have many options to pay for books, while avoiding paying full price: they can buy used books, join subscription services, or even get their books as gifts.

Hildick-Smith presented a range of interesting market measurements concerning book-buying behavior. Among these statistics, the most eye-opening was that only about one third of the total number of books that are read are actually generating revenue for the author and publisher.

The research also revealed that pricing means different things to different people.

Among consumers’ favorite ways to get books for personal reading, 18 percent prefer to read for free, 26 percent claim that they never pay full price (for example, they purchase used books), 16 percent claim to prefer to purchase ebooks only, 18 percent declare that they “save when they can,” and 22 percent are impulse buyers, purchasing books they like as soon as they see them.

When it comes to how quickly they make purchase decisions, consumers who identify themselves as ebook buyers are the fastest to make sales conversions. The second-fastest decision makers are the see-it-get-it impulse buyers, followed by the “never pay full price” consumers.

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