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The MoviePass Unlimited Plan Is Back | WIRED

“It’s fine-tuning this model,” says Lowe. “Everybody wants a consistent offer. Believe me, I want a consistent offer.”

To that end, Lowe says MoviePass is at least through experimenting with AMC theaters. “I can assure you that we are not contemplating or even thinking about removing any AMC theaters,” he says. “We found out what we needed to find out, and decided that we want to be good partners and provide a good service to our subscribers, and our subscribers love AMC theaters.”

Other recently introduced annoyances may remain, though, as MoviePass combats what Lowe says are the “hundreds of thousands” of subscribers who misuse their membership, using their MoviePass-issued debit cards to make purchases outside the scope of their arrangement. That can range from purchasing a more expensive 3-D ticket—MoviePass draws the line at 2-D screenings—to purchasing multiple tickets for a single viewing, so that, say, a small group can all attend the same Avengers: Infinity War showtime at MoviePass prices. Lowe says some people even accumulate multiple MoviePass cards, and resell the tickets for popular screenings for a profit.


That explains why repeat viewings for popular flicks have become verboten, as well as a so-called beta program that asks certain members to upload a photo of tickets purchased with their MoviePass card, to confirm that they’re using their subscription as intended. Fail to do so more than once? The account gets cancelled.

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The MoviePass Unlimited Plan Is Back | WIRED.

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