The NFL And Networks Just Got Terrible News From Advertisers | The Federalist Papers

With ratings in the tank for NFL games, the next shoe is dropping as we speak.

Ad prices for broadcasts of National Football League games are dropping like a stone, as well.

After all, if nobody’s watching, then nobody’s going to pay a premium for an ad.

Prices for advertising during televised broadcasts are down a almost 7 percent across the league for all TV ads bought each quarter.

The industry publication Broadcasting & Cable reported that the cost of a commercial spot is down 6.7 percent.

Sure rampant injuries plague the league, but the National Anthem controversy seems to be behind the ratings – and pricing – slump.

The data research company SQAD reports that so far this season:

“Among the networks that carry NFL games, only NBC is showing an increase over last year in commercial prices. Spots on NBC are selling for between $716,489 and $878,778 for 30 seconds, an increase of 13.75% from last year.

Despite the gains at NBC, across all networks that carry the NFL, spot prices are down 6.7% compared to a year ago.

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The NFL And Networks Just Got Terrible News From Advertisers.