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The No Pricing Manifesto | Medium

As a SaaS company, our main KPI was our MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). With this per-seat pricing model, we were focused on finding new projects ready to pay for Forest. Another growth lever was to make customers happy with their daily use of Forest and have more of their teammates joining the admin.

What we’ve learnt

Our experience with early pilots and paying customers helped us prove that companies were getting value from Forest and were ready to pay for it. This was a huge win for the project. However, we realized that the way we used to approach the market was not optimal.

While more and more mature companies were showing a genuine interest in Forest’s value proposition, we were creating friction for startups. This was leading to a weaker adoption within smaller teams.

This friction was not the mere result of our pricing: all companies are operating with limited resources. The main reason is that startups do not always anticipate the increase in complexity of their operations. As a result, they are less likely to understand the full value proposition of Forest.

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