The Nokia 8 gets the pricing right, but just how right is it? | BGR

After a trend of slight overpricing to cash in on the Nokia brand name with its first three products, the Nokia 8 gets the price right. I’m left wondering how and why…

Smartphone pricing is perhaps my favorite thing ever (okay, not really), because I usually tend to guess the price right. And even if I don’t guess it correctly, I make some sweeping observations such as ‘hardly anyone will buy it at that price’ and then I’m usually right about that. It all comes down to a handful of factors, including online/offline availability, brand value, the cost of key competition and the quality of the product itself.

When HMD Global-owned Nokia launched its new Android products in India earlier this year, they nearly got the pricing right. Perhaps the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 were a bit overpriced, but I can understand that the Nokia brand name and reputation should command a bit of a premium. After all, this is a name that’s easily recognizable and trustable, based on the history of the brand itself. I reviewed the Nokia 6, and while it isn’t the best phone you can buy at under Rs 15,000, it’s certainly one of the best-built and best-looking. This resurgent Nokia gets the formula right, and doesn’t feel like a cheap imitation from a brand licensee; there’s true Nokia blood flowing through its veins.

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The Nokia 8 gets the pricing right, but just how right is it?.