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The Only Way to Sell at a Higher Price Than Your Competitors | The Sales Blog

There is only one thing that will allow you to successfully compete against lower prices. That one thing is the perception of greater value.


The impediment to higher prices is the perception of value. The question is what do you do to justify the higher price that your prospects perceive as something worth paying more to obtain?

Some of the prospective clients you call on will perceive the ability to lower their costs overall as an outcome for which it is worth paying more. Let’s say by spending 10 percent more on what you sell they reduce their overall cost structure by 15 percent. This is easy math, and it’s an easy justification to spend more if your prospective client values that 5 percent enough to change.

Your high trust, high value, and high caring approach may provide your clients with a greater experience, and one that gives them the peace of mind of paying more to have a smart, value-creating, future-oriented partner helping them solve problems. This level of service and relationship is widely valued.

When the perception of greater value exists, it isn’t difficult to command a higher price. There are two cases when selling a higher price is difficult.

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The Only Way to Sell at a Higher Price Than Your Competitors · The Sales Blog.

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