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The Ottoman trade-pricing system | Daily Sabah

In the Ottoman era, prices of goods to be sold in the market were determined by the state. Tradesmen who charged a higher price for their goods than the one fixed by the state were bastinadoed (beaten on the soles of their feet) in the middle of the market as a warning to all.

During the Ottoman times, tradesmen were classified into two groups: Tradesmen of the palace and independent tradesmen.

Those providing the needs of the palace were called “Ehl-i Hiref-i Hassa.” Numbering about 2,000, this group included tradesmen and craftsmen from many different professions like bakers, halva makers, cauldron makers, furriers, paper makers, goldsmiths, locksmiths, tailors and cooks.

Free tradesmen produced and sold goods as part of guilds.

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