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The Pricing Logic Behind This New $16 Cup of Coffee From Blue Bottle | Inc.com

Caffeine enthusiasts rejoice: Blue Bottle Coffee has introduced a new cup of coffee to its menu. It’s called Port of Mokha, and costs $16.

James Freeman, founder and CEO of the high-end roaster, calls it “celestial,” adding that he can hear “angels sing” whenever he takes a sip. In addition to a cardamom sesame cookie, the carefully-brewed hot coffee also comes with an informative pamphlet, where customers can read about the farmer who grew the beans.

But is it really worth its $16 price tag?

Last week, Blue Bottle began selling its Port of Mokha coffee at all 26 of its locations. Customers can also purchase a bag of the blend for $65. The new item is the result of a partnership with Port of Mokha, a startup that supports Yemeni coffee farmers by helping them to develop the infrastructure to process their beans. It also offers them micro-loans that can be paid back in the form of coffee cherries, rather than cash.

“We’re getting rid of cycles of debt, and trying to get a country to regain its self-confidence,” explained Port of Mokha founder Mokhtar Alkhanshali, in an interview with 7×7. Over the last year, for instance, the company has funded six weddings in Yemen.

“Customers are paying $16 to experience one of the best cups of coffee they’ve ever tasted,” Freeman said, pointing out that the price is a reflection of Port of Mokha’s “interventionist” work. Over the past two years, Port of Mokha has aimed to create a more stable infrastructure for the farmers “in the midst of violence and insecurity,” explains Freeman.

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The Pricing Logic Behind This New $16 Cup of Coffee From Blue Bottle | Inc.com.

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