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Discussion: The Pricing MBA | Michael Calogridis


Over the past 10 years the growth of pricing strategy programs in almost every company has been very strong. There is clear support for improved pricing throughout C level and pricing is now frequently a ‘key improvement area’ of the CEO.

The number of firms now offering price strategy implementation programs is at the point where every major consulting ‘house’ sees the value in offering ‘improved pricing’ as a focus area for their customers. The very healthy number of small pricing niche consulting firms is further strength to the idea that pricing has finally evolved into a key development area for most companies.

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Simon Proctor

At the risk of sounding like a sycophant I can wholeheartedly endorse Professor Bertini’s Pricing Elective which I took at London Business School and which I used in my recent article on Dynamic Pricing

Samuel Lee

Fuqua also offers a wonderful pricing elective. Really wish I’d taken it but it conflicted with another class I wanted to take when I was there. If I have the opportunity I would definitely like to audit a similar class locally

Tim J Smith

DePaul has a Marketing Strategy and Planning MBA Concentration from which most students take multiple courses focused on pricing, including mine, and many of our students study conjoint, statistics, and even revenue management. This is why I wrote the textbook Pricing Strategy, to enable professors to teach both the quantitative and qualitative parts of pricing for the general MBA or the specialist in pricing. It is used globally at many top tier schools.

More here:

The Pricing MBA.

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