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Rethink your ebook pricing strategy
These two graphs show clearly that it may be time for authors to do a rethink on how they price their ebooks for each market. While US ebook buyers appear to accept a wide price range as good buying value, and even increasing substantially at the $10.00 mark, UK ebook buyers do not happily pay more than £0.99. Perhaps the UK Amazon Kindle Store could be called the ebook dollar shop!

Like most self-published authors I suppose, I have always set my ebook pricing in $US on KDP and then used the automated system on KDP to calculate the rate in the various currencies for each of the international Kindle Stores. There is a manual override to this system, which might now look like something worth experimenting with. Particularly for the UK market.

The big difference in perceived value on either side of the Atlantic may also explain why my ebook sales have almost always been on a ratio of about 75% US sales as opposed to only 25% UK sales. Time for some serious price experimentation I think.

Apart from the US and UK difference, changing your ebook price can have surprising results. I recently changed two of my ebooks from $0.99 up to $2.99, and sales jumped markedly. Another, I upped from $2.99 to $3.99 and the same jump in sales occurred. Why? Perceived value. But now that I look back on the sales for these three ebooks in the last 60 days, the increase in sales was only in the US. So what do I do now? Lower these three ebooks to £0.99 for the UK? Um, only perhaps.

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The Question of Setting An eBook Pricing Strategy.

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