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The SaaS Discount Epidemic | InsightSquared

I guess at some point, the tech community decided that the price of software was 100% negotiable.

I get it — nobody wants to get ripped off. Our biggest fear is proudly pulling into the driveway with that brand new car, only to find out the neighbor bought the exact same model, but paid less.

So now we find ourselves hunting for the “best deal” and playing hardball when we negotiate for software. The problem is that people get so distracted by negotiating the price that they forget why they even wanted to buy the software in the first place.

I understand negotiating on enterprise-sized deals and on very long-term contracts. The costs associated are significant and it’s worthwhile to spend time analyzing the terms. But that means you’d probably involve your procurement team to negotiate for you. For SaaS, most of these deals are low cost of entry, easy on software, and it’s actually more important to focus on a successful implementation and adoption rate than to focus on getting a few dollars off the price.

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The SaaS Discount Epidemic | InsightSquared.