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The subways are a mess. Can congestion pricing help? | CSNY

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has put his considerable political clout behind congestion pricing, which would implement fees for drivers entering the southern half of Manhattan in order to improve traffice while also raising much-needed revenue to fix the city’s aging subway system.

The proposal has divided state lawmakers in Albany, and it’s unclear whether there’s enough time – or the appetite – to include it in the state budget that’s due at the end of the month.

As the debate continues, we reached out to three key officials – New York City Transit President Andy Byford, New York City Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg and Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez – to get their take on the proposal and its chances of passage this year.

C&S: As New York City’s transportation commissioner, could you give us your take on congestion pricing?

PT: The mayor has started to show more openness to the idea. It’s not a secret that he was a skeptic about it and particularly asked questions about fairness and equity. But as the governor has put the preliminary details of his plan out, the mayor has signaled to openness. And as he was just up in Albany testifying on the budget, (he) made a point of saying, “To the extent that we might be looking at congestion pricing, we want to make sure that those revenues collected in the city stay in the city to improve our subway and bus system.” Which I would certainly agree with as DOT commissioner.

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The subways are a mess. Can congestion pricing help? | CSNY.