There’s no cost for getting the price right | Parkes Champion-Post

Ever wondered how the successful companies set their prices?

Parkes retailers have the opportunity to attend an upcoming free Pricing Your Products Masterclass aimed at discussing the intricacies of pricing and how to develop a pricing mindset.

This free class, with refreshments provided, will be held on Wednesday, September 6 from 11.30am until 2.30pm at the Hart Bar, The Railway Hotel, 1-3 Caledonia Street in Parkes.

This free event  is part of the CenWest Innovate Program.

For more information call: 026338 4503 or to book your tickets go to

Class attendees will find out about:

  • How a consumer determines the price is right;
  • Why price discrimination is not a dirty word;
  • Legal aspects of pricing;
  • Tactics to compete and;
  • Pricing considerations and options and much more.

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There’s no cost for getting the price right | Parkes Champion-Post.