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This Week in Pricing > 1/11/14

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The Price You Get Reflects the Value Your Customer Sees


thesaleshunter­.com - Far too many salespeople claim they’re not more successful because what they’re selling is simply too expensive for their customers. I have to laugh at that because it means only one of two things….

Lowest Price Comes at a Cost That Is Too High


thesalesblog­.com - The resort where we were staying has a contract with a transportation company. The transportation company mainly moved people from the resort to the theme parks and back, but they also transported …

How to Raise Your Rates By Offering Less Value (Yes, LESS value)


socialtriggers­.com - I can’t answer for Derek, but I’ve got some thoughts on that. Those sales pages are anchoring your expectations high, so when you see the actual price, you’re more likely to find it reasonable or e…

The dumb pricing mistake people make (and how to fix it)


socialtriggers­.com - There’s a dumb mistake entrepreneurs make when they price their products and services… …and it leaves a TREMENDOUS amount of revenue on the table. And if you are, don’t worry. It’s EASY to fix once…

Discounting Is A Marketing Problem

www­ - A 1 percent change in discounting has nearly a 9 percent impact on your operating margins, according to McKinsey and Co. That means a seemingly small slipup can have a devastating impact–or a small…

Retail price matching policies are only a stop gap: 81% of retailers plan to implement consistent pricing

blogs­ - Multichannel retailers must concede that without some compelling and legitimate reason (note this means in the eyes of the consumer) pricing cannot be different across channels for individual consu…


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