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6 Bad Sales Pricing Practices You Must Avoid


blogs­ - Whether you realize it, you most likely have salespeople who are cutting your company’s profits and doing it with a smile on their face.  Read a few of these confessions.  Names have been left out …

Transactional Selling to Avoid Conflicts Around Price


thesalesblog­.com - The reason so many people want to be transactional and agree to a discount their price is that it eliminates one of the major areas of conflict in sales. If you agree to your prospective client’s p…

VIDEO SALES TIP: Number One Reason Salespeople Discount Price


thesaleshunter­.com - Are you creating high profit sales? Or are you sabotaging profits? Many salespeople are quick to discount in order to make a sale.  Why do they do this?!  I think I have figured out the number one …

Technology helps some businesses get creative with pricing


www­ - Many business owners struggle with pricing. Should their first concern be covering costs or figuring out what the market will bear? How do they determine what the market will pay without raising pr…

Netflix Soars on Possible Price Shift as Outlook Tops Estimates


www­ - Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) — Netflix Inc., the world’s largest subscription streaming service, surged 18 percent after it projected customer growth that topped analysts’ estimates and said it may charge …

Dow Jones CEO’s abrupt exit throws strategy into doubt


www­ - NEW YORK (Reuters) – News Corp said Lex Fenwick was leaving as chief executive of Dow Jones, less than two years after taking the helm, an abrupt departure that calls into question the future of it…

Why you might pay more than your neighbor for the same bottle of salad dressing


qz­.com - Retailers don’t really talk about how to compete with Amazon—they talk about how to avoid being decimated by it. Up until now, companies have used algorithms to chase competitors’ online prices. Bu…


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