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6 Reasons Why Discounting is Destroying Your Sales (And What to do Instead)


blog­.hubspot.com – It’s the same idea behind social proof, but it’s important to have back up for what you’re selling. You want to show that what you’re telling them on the phone, will actually come true and make a p…

4th Secret to Selling at Full Price: Be Prepared to Walk Away


thesaleshunter­.com – I’ve been moving through our list of 5 Secrets to Selling at Full Price. If you are afraid to walk away, then how will you ever face the music and not cave on price? The only you can be certain you…

When the Minimum Wage Goes Up, the Menu Price Also Rises


www­.businessweek.com – Supporters of a higher minimum wage applauded Gap’s (GAP) decision last week to increase hourly pay. While Lynn Albright, vice president of the company’s Old Navy brand, told CNN that higher prices…

Priceline for landlords may determine your apartment’s next rent


money­.cnn.com – Airfare, hotels, now apartments? ‘Dynamic pricing’ software lets landlords decide rents based on real-time supply and demand. As demand for rental housing surges, a growing number of landlords are …

Business Freemium And The Consumerization Of The Enterprise

www­.forbes.com – As we’ve discussed in previous posts, enterprise software has undergone an enormous transformation over the past decade. But while its historical revolution has been at the hands of cloud computing…

Supermarket Price Tactics Under Fire Again


news­.sky.com – Supermarkets have turned the weekly shop into an “obstacle course” with cunning price ploys, according to a consumer group study. Which? said up to 10 secret pricing tactics are being used by both …


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