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This Week in Pricing > 3/15/14

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Amazon Prime fee jumps to $99 a year


news­.cnet.com – Amazon’s Prime premium service just got a little more expensive. For the first time, the online retailing giant will raise the membership fee for Prime, hiking it by $20 to $99 a year. Amazon Stude…

How To Find The Pricing Sweet Spot


www­.entrepreneurmag.co.za – While these may be challenging times for businesses, tough times can create opportunities for business owners who are in tune with the unique needs and desires of their community. Offer the right p…

A Deeper Look at Uber’s Dynamic Pricing Model


abovethecrowd­.com – Over the course of the past year, many writers have offered their perspectives on Uber’s dynamic pricing strategy. Perhaps the only consistency is that people have deeply passionate views on this t…

UBER RIVAL CEO: Uber Is For The Rich, We’re For Everyone Else


www­.businessinsider.com.au – Next time you need a ride and you can’t find a cab, what are you going to do? You could tap a button to hail an Uber car, ask someone with a pink mustache on her car to pick you up (Lyft), or reque…

Shopper Sues Amazon over Merchant Pricing – Here’s Why

www­.ecommercebytes.com – An online shopper from Rhode Island, A. Cemal Ekin , Ph.D., has filed a class action lawsuit against Amazon over its Prime Shipping program. Ekin paid $79 for Amazon Prime annual membership in orde…

GM assures analysts of pricing ‘discipline’ amid rising truck discounts


www­.autonews.com – DETROIT (Reuters) — General Motors has been ratcheting up discounts on its full-size pickups over the last month, but it is telling Wall Street analysts it intends to maintain premium pricing and …

Your Pricing Strategy Isn’t Working — Here’s How To Land An Investor


www­.businessballa.com – Somewhere in every entrepreneur’s pitch deck is a slide on pricing. Even when a pitch is going well, as a venture capitalist, I often find the pricing slide to be the weakest of the entire deck. I’…


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