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Five Tips For Doing Individualized Pricing


www­.linkedin.com – In the 19th Century a wagon-maker had to leave his shop in the care of his teenage son for a few days as he journeyed to a nearby town on business. Unsure of how to handle customers, the boy protes…

Steve Ballmer’s Advice for Startups


thenextweb­.com – Steve Ballmer joined Microsoft in 1980 as the company’s first business manager, going on to replace Bill Gates as CEO in 2000. Before becoming CEO, his roles at Microsoft included senior vice presi…

5th Secret to Selling at Full Price: Don’t Offer Discounts. Period.


thesaleshunter­.com – We’ve reached the last secret on my list of 5 Secrets to Selling at Full Price. In the end this is a pretty simple, and yet incredibly difficult to do. This is the reason I tell many sales managers…

Price, Prices and Pricing Myths


www­.nationaltransaction.com – Setting the right price for your products or services can be challenging, particularly given the many outdated ideas and misconceptions surrounding pricing structure. The problem with conventional …

How the brain influences customers’ buying decisions


www­.linkedin.com – Product demand and brand scores are down and the reasons are tough to manage. There are a multitude of factors influencing buyers, some are within our control and many are not. Factors such as bad …

Pricing Strategy: Aspects That You Need to Consider


blombusiness­.com – One of the most difficult problems you must decide as an business owner is how much to cost for your products. While there is no one single right way to figure out your pricing technique, luckily t…

Fallacies in devising a pricing strategy


www­.thestar.com.my – ROBUST pricing strategy would boost companies’ profitability, but achieving such pricing target is not easy. According to the results of a study by global management consulting firm AT Kearney, a c…


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