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The 11 Rules of Highly Profitable Companies

www­ – How do you generate the most profit with the least effort? How do you maximize margins without sacrificing quality? I’m not talking more customers, nor more revenue, nor more offices and employees….



Could cab companies beat Uber at its own game?

www­ – It’s a common theme playing out in cities throughout the United States: app-based car services, most notably Uber and Lyft, offer their services in a city and the local taxi operators and the citie…



Is It Time To Rethink Your Prices? Yes, If You Want To Build A Sustainable Business

www­ – Your prices. Nothing has a bigger impact on your business’ sales, health, and bottom line. Set your prices too high, and your products or services won’t sell. However, according to analyst firm McK…



Would You Pay $85 a Month for Unlimited Espresso?

blogs­ – New York City is getting a new version of the bottomless cup of coffee. A  subscription-model coffee club, in which customers can pay a monthly fee to get unlimited java from selected cafes, launch…



Coffee price is no object in United States

www­ – SAN FRANCISCO — Doreen Cappelli is so hooked on her morning cappuccino that she says she would pay a lot more to get it. “I don’t drink wine and alcohol,” Cappelli, 52, said after buying the $3.25 …



Closing the Sale: Are You Giving Away Too Much?

www­ – I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been squeamish when prospects ask me about pricing. My stomach churns as I hope against hope that it will be a non-issue. It never is. That’s why I asked Mar…



Freemium vs. Free: Why We Ditched Our Free Plan At (SaaS)

blog­ – As we came out of private Beta, we announced a pretty unpopular decision at we removed our free plan (and replaced it with a $9 per month plan). I wanted to explain the reasons behind this…


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