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The first time I charged a mid-sized company to do work for them was in college.  I was buying a scooter from a Ducati Motorcycle dealership, and somehow my nerdy self started telling the owner of the dealership how his SEO sucked and it was hard to find him online.

He was intrigued.
He wanted me to help him with it.
He asked for a proposal.
He wanted to know an actual price.

“$500” I thought to myself.  That was SOO much money to me back then.  Totally worth it for a few weekends of work!

I told my mentor about this pricing plan, and if it were legal, he would’ve slapped me across the mouth for charging so little to such a big business.

“You need to charge TEN TIMES that amount!” he said.

“$5,000 for some SEO work?  Are you insane?” I protested.

He then started showing me several ways to figure out how to charge a business for your work.

One of my favorite ways he showed me to price something was the Three Pronged Pricing Technique.

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Three Tier Pricing Strategy: How It Works (w/ Template).

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