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Ticked off! @price gouging | Orlando Sentinel

My family and I spent a great weekend staying in Central Florida and attending the attractions. When we left to go home I stopped at the gas station on Vineland Road. 12.5 gallons of gas for $75!. The price was posted but I didn’t notice until I finished pumping. Every other gas station I drove by had gasoline at less than half of that price. This station is giving the area a black eye.

I am ticked off that an abandoned movie theater in East Orange County on Goldenrod Road and University Boulevard has stood vacant for years. It use to house a movie theater. We need that movie theater back there big time!

I get ticked off at manufacturers who cheat the consumer out of products. For instance, blankets are too short to fit onto the sides of the bed (especially king size), sandwich bags are too small for bread (although bread is still the same, thankfully) and you cannot get 1/2 gallon of ice cream if you tried. We are all paying higher prices for everything….just give us the quality we deserve and raise the price even more if that covers your costs! Even some cereal bars are now 5 to a package instead of 6, and bars of soap…well, forget it!

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Ticked off! @price gouging – Orlando Sentinel.

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