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TicketFire Introduces No Fee Ticket Resale Marketplace | PR Newswire

In the TicketFire marketplace, the average total ticket price at checkout is 10-15% cheaper than other ticket marketplaces. Buyers pay no fees other than standard shipping costs for hard tickets. Sellers will be charged 9% of the total ticket cost, far less than existing marketplaces that often charge 15% or more.

While the current ticket resale market is confusing, expensive and slow, TicketFire’s new marketplace makes buying and selling tickets easy, cheap and fast by connecting buyers and sellers through technology. With no surprise fees tacked on at checkout, TicketFire is bringing pricing transparency to the ticket resale industry.

“TicketFire is democratizing social commerce for the concert-goer, the sports fan and the theatre enthusiast while unlocking the proprietary ticketing industry for secondary sellers,” said Ray Shealy, executive chairman of TicketFire. “Our new ticket resale marketplace brings to market what fans and consumers alike have been clamoring for, an easy to use technology which provides access to the best seats at the lowest prices in real time, without excessive fees at checkout.”

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TicketFire Introduces No Fee Ticket Resale Marketplace.