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Ticketmaster’s strategy is a mixture of technology to try to separate fans from touts when making tickets available for pre-sale – this is where Verified Fan comes in – and encouraging artists to try airline-style ‘dynamic pricing’ for at least a portion of their tickets.

“If you were on an Easyjet flight together, you wouldn’t necessarily think you’d paid the same money,” said Crosby, although she admitted that if music fans had been asked for their views on similar pricing for concert tickets a decade ago “people would have been very anti”.

Ticketmaster’s own customer research suggests that 35% of event attendees now “agree price fluctuating by demand is the way forward for live entertainment”. 44% say they’d happily pay extra if their seat is worth it, while 37% are happy to pay a premium just to guarantee a ticket.

“If we take this temperature in another couple of years, we’ll see all those numbers go up is my guess,” said Crosby, who added that initiatives like Verified Fan and tickets that require the buyer to present their credit-card when entering the venue “might be the future of a lot of very popular on-sales”.

Dynamic pricing will be an important plank in this strategy too, though. While a large proportion of tickets might be pre-sold to identified fans, a portion would be set aside with a price that fluctuates according to demand, thus cannibalising the secondary market.

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Ticketmaster exec talks politicians, touts and dynamic pricing.