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Tigers’ Opening Day tickets selling at slow pace | The Detroit News

Posey said there are other factors that are playing in to the lagging sales besides just the quality of the team.

For starters, he said, the opponent isn’t a marquee one — it’s the Pirates, another rebuilding team who this offseason have traded stars Andrew McCutchen and Gerrit Cole. Opening Day also is on a Thursday, rather than a weekend day. It’s also in March, the 29th, so weather could be a legitimate concern.

The dynamic-pricing model isn’t helping, Posey said. Opening Day remains a marquee date, so ticket prices are higher, ranging from $60 (standing-room) to $180 (on-deck circle). By comparison, for Game 2 on March 31, tickets range from $12 (skyline) to $78 (on-deck circle).

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Tigers’ Opening Day tickets selling at slow pace.