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Tire Dealer Processing Expands Nationwide | Modern Tire Dealer

The company says it brings a “complete refresh” to the way that credit card processing is historically done. Typically, the credit card processing company adds a per transaction fee plus a percentage onto every transaction. This means that the processing company is getting a slice of the store’s bottom line profits. The bigger the sale, the more money the processing company takes, according to Tire Dealer Processing.

In contrast, Tire Dealer Processing does not mark up the wholesale price. The company offers “Zero Percent Rate Mark-up” over the wholesale charges from the card issuers (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX) and charges ten cents per transaction.

The company says its pricing strategy lets the tire dealer keep his or her profits instead of giving them away to the credit card processor. The company says an April 2017 report based on total cost of processing versus total sales from all Tire Dealer Processing customers shows that its customers save an average of $245 per month over what they had been paying their old processor.

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