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A MONTH or so from now, Apple will announce to the world its latest smartphone, the iPhone 8. For the last decade, the stage management of its launch jamborees has been characterised by a level of hysteria not seen since the Paris peace accords. But this time may be different… the world is no longer listening.

It is the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone kickstarting the smartphone revolution – but after years of phenomenal growth, the market has become saturated. Even with a generous expense account from your firm, there is a limit to the number of £700 handsets you can buy.

Actually, £700 is not quite enough to get your hands on Apple’s current top of the range model, the iPhone 7 Plus, which costs between £720 and £920, depending on the storage space you need. Each step up adds £100. It is likely that the iPhone 8 will break the £1,000 barrier.

That’s a jarring statistic when you consider that half of all the smartphones sold worldwide now cost less than £200.

To put Apple’s pricing strategy into perspective, you could buy two top-end phones from a rival manufacturer, running Google’s Android operating system, for the price of a single iPhone.

The OnePlus 5, for example, costs either £450 or £500 (again depending on storage) and has the same size screen as the iPhone 7 Plus but boasts twice the memory and higher resolution cameras front and back.

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