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U.S. muni bond firms race to comply with new price transparency rule | Reuters

Trading in some corporate bonds, under an amendment to Financial Industry Regulatory Authority rules, will also be affected.

Under the rule, muni brokers will be required to determine a baseline number, known as a “prevailing market price,” in order to show retail investors how much prices for a bond transaction were marked up or down.

With just days left before the rule is rolled out, Ruvo said he is receiving last-minute calls from clients requesting help with the calculation models to determine those prices among other needs related to the rule change.

The process of determining prevailing market prices for individual muni bonds can be particularly arduous because of the diverse, vast and sparsely traded nature of the market in comparison to U.S. Treasuries or equity markets, said Jeffrey MacDonald, head of fixed income strategies for Fiduciary Trust Company International in New York.

Financial advisers for investors, who sometimes buy individual bonds for clients, could also turn to larger investment management firms to handle those transactions due, in part, to the added burden of the new pricing disclosure rule, said Dawn Daggy-Mangerson, director of the muni bond team at McDonnell Investment Management in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois.

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U.S. muni bond firms race to comply with new price transparency rule | Reuters.

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