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Uber Expands Ride Pass to 20 More U.S. Cities | Future Car

Consumers that don’t have an automobile and rely on ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft to get around can attest to how greatly prices can differ depending on traffic, weather, and surge pricing. Last October, Uber came out with a subscription service that allowed consumers willing to pay $14.99 a month to lock in flat rates for rides they take using Uber’s UberX and UberPool selections for an entire month. While the plan was only available in five cities when it first launched, it’s not spreading to roughly 20 more cities in the U.S.

How Ride Pass Can Benefit Frequent Riders

Before getting into what cities are now Ride Pass capable, here’s a quick rundown on the subscription service. For almost $15 a month, Uber claims that users in Austin, Denver, Orlando, Miami, and Los Angeles (though users in that city have to pay $24.99) can save up to 15 percent on their monthly travel. There’s also no limit to how many rides subscribers can take in a month. So if you use Uber a lot and usually go for a ride when surge prices are in effect, Ride Pass could make things a whole lot cheaper for you.

Lyft also has a subscription-like plan, but it’s much more expensive. Lyft calls its service All-Access Plan that costs $299 per month. Unlike Uber’s plan that ensures customers don’t have to pay extras in fees, Lyft’s service gives users up to 30 rides that are $15 and under per month. Any ride over the 30 mark are deducted by 5 percent.

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Uber Expands Ride Pass to 20 More U.S. Cities – FutureCar.com – via @FutureCar_Media.

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