Uber fare increase not benefitting us: drivers | ENCA

“Driving on the Uber platform is a no-win for its partner drivers,” a driver calling him or herself Dow Benderf commented on the eNCA website. “Uber, its shareholders and the riders are the ones who truly benefit from the rider app. I am a driver-partner and drivers earn on average R30 per hour and that figure drops more and more each time we experience the monthly petrol price increases.

“The rider had been benefiting all along until last month when Uber increased rider fees by four percent ‘to cover operational costs’. We, as drivers, do not benefit from this four percent increase. We are continually having to absorb the petrol price increases whilst riders, up until last month’s four percent increase, were enjoying rides on prices determined two years ago.

“Prior to November’s hefty petrol price of over 60 cents a litre I was able to make, on R200 petrol,  R1,000. Of the R1,000, Uber takes R250. Because I am in a 50/50 partnership agreement with the owner of the vehicle we split the remaining R750. From my R375 I have to deduct my R200 petrol, leaving me with R175.

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Uber fare increase not benefitting us: drivers.