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UBER Malaysia has introduced two new services, UberFLASH and UberTaxi to its users in the Klang Valley.

Under the new UberFLASH service it will connect riders with the closest drive-partner to them be it an UberX or taxi. The second service, UberTaxi, on the other hand, will allow riders to specifically request for a metered taxi cab via the Uber app.

Uber Malaysia and Singapore general manager Warren Tseng explained that the two new services would broaden the concept of ridesharing  and increase the efficiency of its driver-partners.

“We want to use technology to allocate existing resources on the road so that they can serve more riders with more choice and with better pick up times. We also support the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD’s)  intention to improve the overall public transportation landscape in the country,” said Tseng.

According to Uber, the key differentiator between the two services is that UberFLASH fares will utilise its dynamic pricing model, where riders will be able to see the fare up front before requesting a ride whereas UberTaxi fares will be based on SPAD’s taxi meter rates.

Uber expects that riders will benefit from faster pick-ups while drivers will be matched to riders giving them more potential to earn more and reduce time spent idling.

“As we have more cars on the platform this would reduce the amount of surge pricing and make it more affordable for riders. This is a marketplace that we are constantly evaluating and balancing, I don’t expect the earnings of our driver-partners to be impacted at all,” he said.

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Uber introduces new UberFLASH and UberTaxi services | Digital News Asia.