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Uber May Be Paying Women Less for Driving Better | Bloomberg

According to the paper co-authored by academics working for Uber, Stanford and University of Chicago, some 48 percent of the gender pay gap is explained by speed alone. Male drivers go an average of 2.2 percent faster than female ones, which results in higher pay when miles pay better than time.

But the researchers don’t believe men drive faster to make more money. They point out that, even when running an errand or commuting, men are usually more disposed toward flooring it. “We believe we can describe this speed difference across genders primarily as a difference in preferences that happens to have a productive value on Uber rather than a response by male drivers to the incentive to drive faster,” the researchers wrote. “Others have shown that men are more risk tolerant, both in general and when driving in particular.”

Another 36 percent of the gap is explained by experience. Women drive much fewer hours per week than men do, so they take longer to learn the tricks of the trade — such, as, for example, canceling rides strategically when a driver senses the ride won’t be worth it for him or the customer may force him or her to wait longer than usual. I rather think experience also includes various ways of gaming the Uber system; a study last year — disputed by Uber — showed drivers could organize mass “switch-offs,” logging off in concert to create an artificial shortage of cars and turn on surge pricing.

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Uber May Be Paying Women Less for Driving Better – Bloomberg.