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Uber officially launches ‘Uber Express Pool’ in select cities | The Insider Car News

Although fares could rival public transportation costs, Express Pool will be significantly more expensive during times of surge pricing.

Uber’s intent with POOL is to help lower the cost of entry to its product to make it the massive base of the ride hailing pyramid that can reach the most people thanks to affordability near on par with public transit.

By contrast, standard Pool would try to find your match in more or less real time, limiting the number of passengers it could group with you. “More riders can afford to take more trips for more reasons”, he said. They also would be dropped off at a site that would be a short walk from their final destinations.

Of course, all this speaks to the kind of customer for Express Pool: Riders who aren’t in a hurry and are extremely budget-conscious. The point is to save drivers and riders time by eliminating the lengthy, loopy bits of shared rides, those runs around the block to grab a fellow pooler from wherever they’re standing when they tap on the app. However instead of a door-to-door service where the driver will pick up multiple passengers, Uber Express Pool will require that passengers walk to the location of the driver.

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Uber officially launches ‘Uber Express Pool’ in select cities.