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Uber Pool: Uber launches carpool feature in Australia | The NewDaily

Uber Pool makes up about 20 per cent of all Uber trips in cities where it is available, such as New York, Paris and London.

How will Uber Pool work?
The Uber Pool feature will match users with other travellers who want to go in a similar direction.

It differs from the standard UberX service in that riders are directed to walk to virtual pick-up points, called ‘markers’, to minimise detours.

There may be someone else waiting for a ride at this same pick-up point or there may be somebody else already in the Uber car when it arrives.

The car may stop along the journey to pick up other passengers or drop off those carpooling with you.

As well as sharing the ride, passengers will be able to share the cost of their trips, with initial discounts of up to 50 per cent of an UberX fare.

When requesting a Pool service, the rider will be given both a price estimate and a time range estimate.

Surge pricing will apply, dependent on demand, as per normal.

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Uber Pool: Uber launches carpool feature in Australia.