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Uber Rewards gives ride discounts and other perks to frequent riders | USA Today

Four levels, each with different perks
The points will go toward placing you in one of four tiers – Blue, Gold, Platinum and Diamond – that will determine what perks you are eligible for. Blue is the standard level, with every 500 points netting you $5 in Uber Cash, the company’s virtual currency that can be used to pay for Uber rides or Uber Eats deliveries. Using Uber Cash also earns you points.

You will earn $5 for every 500 points you accrue regardless of which tier you are in. Progress can be tracked through the Uber app, which is being updated alongside this launch.

Uber Rewards Gold members can have their cancellation fees refunded if they order within 15 minutes of canceling. (Photo: Uber)

After your first 500 points are earned, you’ll be bumped up to Gold, which will get you faster customer support plus the ability to cancel an Uber ride and get the cancellation fee refunded so long as a new ride is ordered within 15 minutes of canceling. (This does not apply to UberPool or Uber Express Pool orders.)

Once you accrue 2,500 points, you’ll be elevated to Platinum, adding in perks like priority pickup to help lower wait times at “most airports” around the country, though Uber says this may take a couple of months to fully roll out.

You also will be able to get “price protection” on a particular route of your choosing, allowing you to lock in a set rate for an UberX ride. The rate would be for either direction and won’t be impacted by surge pricing caused by traffic or if the ride is taken during the busiest times of the day.

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Uber Rewards gives ride discounts and other perks to frequent riders.