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Uber Singapore Launches GrabHitch-like Uber Commute | Vulcan Post

If You’re Familiar With GrabHitch, Uber Commute Is The Same Thing
Just like competitor Grab’s service GrabHitch, Uber Commute is a peer-to-peer product that allows riders to pre-book rides with drivers who are open to sharing their daily commute.

As for its pricing structure, Uber states that according to regulations, fares are limited only to the costs and expenses incurred when carpooling.

This is based on the estimated driver cost per kilometre, comprising of fuel cost, wear and tear maintenance, insurance, and road tax.

There will be no dynamic pricing either, and driver will be expected to bear ERP charges in cases where drivers have to enter an ERP zone to pick up or drop their riders.

Uber Commute rides are expected to be “up to 51% cheaper than uberX (rides)”.

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Uber Singapore Launches GrabHitch-like Uber Commute.