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UF/IFAS Researchers Use AI to Take the Guesswork out of Fruit Pricing | Southeast AG Net

GAINESVILLE, FL (UF/IFAS) — Pricing fruit comes down to a bit of art and some science for farmers. But new technology from the University of Florida may remove some of that guesswork.

“Growers often rely on their gut to estimate a price for their crop,” said Daniel Lee, a professor of agricultural and biological engineering at the UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

Lee led new research to develop artificial intelligence that will help farmers obtain accurate strawberry flower counts through images of the plants.

Like many farmers, strawberry growers must negotiate prices with buyers, such as grocery store chains, three to five weeks before they harvest the fruit. But it takes three to five weeks for a strawberry plant to go from growing flowers to producing fruit, UF/IFAS researchers say.

The delay from flowering to producing fruit causes farmers to guess on crop prices, said Natalia Peres, a plant pathology professor at the UF/IFAS Gulf Coast Research and Education Center in Balm, Florida. To more precisely estimate how much they will charge for their harvest, growers need to know how many flowers are on each strawberry plant so they can tell how much fruit will grow from those plants.

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UF/IFAS Researchers Use AI to Take the Guesswork out of Fruit Pricing –.

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