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Ugly ‘truth’ of cosmetic industry | millenniumpost

The cosmetic industry is thriving like never before, and reason is the need to look presentable and photo-ready all the time. This increase in demand for make-up products leads to surge pricing, as a result of which beauty addicts look for ‘discounts’ and ‘sales’… and that’s where counterfeit products come into play.

A threat to established brands

Counterfeits have become a headache for authentic brands, says Dr Bharti Taneja, Founder of ALPS Beauty group. “They not only steal our sales but also pose a serious threat to the brand image. The most shocking thing for me is the heavy and unbelievable discounts they offer. The cost of these fakes is lower than the actual manufacturing costs of original products,” she adds.

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Ugly ‘truth’ of cosmetic industry.

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