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Unconventional Pricing for Creatives | Jake Jorgovan

Both designers are similar, but one works significantly more than the other.

How does this happen?

The difference is in the pricing.

I know this because those two designers are both me. The first designer was me at the start of my freelance career. I was handling my pricing in all the wrong ways and working around the clock on many different clients to make a good living.

The second designer is me 6 months later. I implemented new pricing strategies into my freelancing career and my life changed as a result of it.

I was the same person, with the same skills and quality of work, yet I cut the amount of hours I worked by a third.

My goal with this series of posts is to share with you some of the changes that I made in how I priced myself. These changes helped me earn more income in less time. If you implement these changes then they can help you do the same.

With pricing, its not just about the money. It is about the quality of life.

As you see in my example, I still made the same income. I simply worked less hours which gave me more time to enjoy life, to write and create meaningful things.

You can use pricing use to increase your income and decrease the amount you work.

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Unconventional Pricing for Creatives.

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