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Unmasking the Secret Pricing Strategies of 755 Successful SaaS Businesses | BrandMentions

Half of every business is creating something that people need. The other half is convincing people to buy it. We’re pretty sure you have plenty of ideas for the first part, so we tried to help you figure out the second one.

This year, we took the task of seeing how several hundred startups approached the complex issue of pricing and identifying the best practices for you to learn from.

We manually collected and curated data from 775 pricing pages, all belonging to SaaS startups and we created (probably) the most comprehensive pricing pages study.

The Perfect Pricing Page Recipe
Has it happened to you to cook something that looked incredibly easy to do and absolutely delicious (according to the 30 seconds Facebook video)? You followed the recipe step-by-step, did everything by the book but the result was something not even your hungry dog would try. Why is that? Because the result depends on way more elements than you might think: the ingredients, the cooking skills, your oven’s quality, the material of the pot and so on.

Same thing happens in pricing approaches.
There really isn’t a general perfect pricing page recipe but you can craft your own successful pricing page. And to do that, you should definitely read our full study for loads of useful findings, good practices and inspiring pricing methods.

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Unmasking the Secret Pricing Strategies of 755 Successful SaaS Businesses.

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