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Using quality and price to distinguish your products in the noisy global marketplace | Trade Ready

Are you able to not only catch people’s attention, but then also ultimately translate it into fulfilling your objectives of maximizing profits and gaining market share?

More importantly, once you actually have the customers’ attention, are you telling customers the story of what makes your product different or better, and therefore worth buying?

There are two elements you need to carefully juggle so that you can tell your story properly, and these are Quality and Price; more specifically, the right quality at the right price. If you watch the game show, The Price is Right, then you know what lies ahead when the price actually IS right.

Quality counts when you’re sourcing products and materials from abroad

Before your product ever reaches the customer, you must make sure you are developing quality products that your customers will want, while also avoiding the temptation to sacrifice long-term product quality for short-term financial gain.

With the abundance of information and products readily available at our fingertips, we can easily be tempted and drawn to some of the offers our companies receive when sourcing our products and materials from abroad. Again, there is a lot of noise, and you must be very careful.

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Using quality and price to distinguish your products in the noisy global marketplace.

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