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Value Pricing Policy Committee nears the end of a disappointing process | ClarkCountyToday.com

“Committee members were given 147 pages of analysis about the various Value Pricing concepts, and why WSP Consulting, which is working with ODOT to evaluate the plan, recommended dropping two of the five concepts that had made it to this point.’’

Brown accurately told readers what the primary news of the meeting was. So, I want to make it clear, I’m not suggesting he “buried the lede’’ as we say in the journalism business. But, what I found to be of most interest to me was a reminder that Brown included at the end of his story.

“The Advisory Committee clearly has no consensus about which direction they should go, but were reminded multiple times during the meeting that they are not a voting panel, and consensus wasn’t needed in order to move forward,’’ Brown wrote. “The group will meet for the final time on June 25 to firm up their recommendations, which will go to the Oregon Transportation Commission. The first chance the public will have to weigh in with OTC will be at their meeting on July 12.’’

I didn’t have high expectations for what would be accomplished by this Value Pricing Policy Advisory Committee. After all, just three of the 25 members were from southwest Washington. I expected all along that the committee’s work would culminate with a recommendation that folks like me in Clark County wouldn’t be pleased with. But, I can be naive at times, and I gave in to hope that a “Hail Mary’’ would somehow be completed during the process.

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Value Pricing Policy Committee nears the end of a disappointing process | ClarkCountyToday.com.

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