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Verizon Announces Pricing for First 5G Mobile Service | Fortune

The service starts on April 11 in the two midwestern cities and will be “rapidly expanding” to the other 28 cities this year, according to Kyle Malady, Verizon’s chief technology officer. “Not all 5G networks are the same,” Malady said in a statement.

The move follows AT&T’s (T, +0.28%) December announcement of 5G mobile service using a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot starting in parts of 12 cities, including Atlanta, Dallas, and New Orleans, for $70 per month. Sprint (S, +0.16%) has said it will offer 5G starting in May in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and Kansas City but hasn’t disclosed pricing. T-Mobile (TMUS, +0.04%) hasn’t named its starting cities, but says it won’t raise the prices of its current unlimited plans for 5G users.

Analysts said Verizon’s (VZ, +0.43%) initial 5G service would only tempt a small number of consumers to sign up, given its spotty coverage and price premium. “We think most of Verizon’s customers wouldn’t find the benefit worth the cost,” New Street Research analyst Jonathan Chaplin wrote in a report. “But early adopters tend to be price insensitive.”

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Verizon Announces Pricing for First 5G Mobile Service | Fortune.