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Vodafone announces cheaper NBN plans in a bid to start a broadband price war | news.com.au

VODAFONE says it wants to start a price war in the home broadband market and has released new NBN plans as a way of firing the first shot.

The National Broadband Network has allowed a bunch of new players to easily enter the home broadband market, delivering services to end users via the wholesale network provider.

Vodafone has used aggressive price tactics in the mobile market to court customers and hopes a similar strategy can prove equally successful when it comes to home internet.

The telco’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ben McIntosh, said the company wanted to take the highly competitive “price wars” taking place in the mobile market and bring the same competitiveness to home broadband customers.

The company has announced a new cheaper pricing structure for its NBN plans today, giving Vodafone mobile customers access to one of the cheapest plans on the market.

The telco launched its NBN plans in December and Mr McIntosh believes the market “is ripe for the picking”.

“Providers in this market have gone back to 1994, wrapping services up in connection fees, other upfront costs and lock in contracts,” he said.

The company offers just three different broadband plans. Mr Mcintosh said the simplicity made it “easy for us and easy for the customer” and allowed the telco to save on costs and reduce prices.

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